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A computerised planetary model has been used to calculate the astronomical interpretation of the astronomical hieroglyphics on this stone and they give a time of mid-day on the 21st of September 581 B. (which was the Autumnal Equinox, the symbolic time of Repose / Dying).

However, in order to decipher the hieroglyphics, one needs to be an expert on both Scriptural Prophecy and Bible history; not archaic sculpture.

This cosmic reminder was intended to help the people to remember hisin The Torah, that the Irish people themselves (Danites - the Tuatha de Danaan - the Tribe of Dan, the fifth tribe of Israel, fathered by Jacob/Israel's fifth of his twelve sons called Dan - Genesis 30:6) had made with The Ruler of the Cosmos, at Horeb in Sinai, with Moses.

It is also aligned with Teltown, so Jeremiah would, symbolically, watch-over Teia Tephi's Palace.

So Eugene Conwell was right about whose tomb it is, but wrong about who would have the "Key" to unlock the meaning of the hieroglyphics.

Studying the Divinely-inspired autobiographical "Book of Tephi Queen of Tara and Gibraltar", and then cross-referencing her Book with the rest of the Holy Scriptures gives us the "Key"; makes the understanding of the hieroglyphics not only possible, but much easier and corroborates the story written on the stones with perfect accuracy, as only the Divinely-inspired is capable of doing; which in turn proves the authenticity of her Book.

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Oldcastle, Royal Meath in Ireland is the Tomb of Jeremiah the Bible Prophet who was commissioned by God to tear down; uproot (from Jerusalem) and plant (in Ireland) the daughter (the Tender Twig - Teia Tephi), from the line of David (symbolised in Scripture as the High Cedar), of king Zedekiah, in c. C.; the Throne of Israel - the Jeremiah was the Prophet sent by God to king Zedekiah of Jerusalem, who had broken God's Covenant, to warn him to return to keeping The Covenant or God would send king Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon to lay siege to and destroy Jerusalem.