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In its first years, the library received little support.The annual library expenditure was 0 in 1892, raised to 0 in 1895.the Libraries' collection is the smallest among the "Big 3" Universities in the Triangle Research Libraries Network—the other two library systems being Duke (7.26 million volumes as of 2016) and UNC - Chapel Hill (9.19 million volumes as of 2016).Prior to 1990, the library was also accessible from the Hillsborough Street side through the Erdahl-Cloyd Wing entrance; however, this entrance was closed that year due to financial and security considerations, as well as numerous complaints about heavy pedestrian traffic through this entrance, which opened into a study and reading area.The current building, situated on the Hillsborough Street edge of North Campus, is the result of four stages of construction, and houses the majority of the volumes in NC State's collection.As of 2013, the NCSU Libraries are the 50th largest library system in the United States, the 37th largest academic library system in the U. and the 26th largest public university library system, respectively.

In 1933, the University collaborated with UNC and Duke University to form the North Carolina Union Catalog, the first shared catalog among the three universities.

As of 2016, the system's total holdings amount to over 5.2 million volumes, 90,000 electronic journal subscriptions, approximately 1,000 print subscriptions, 568 bibliographic databases, and access to over 1 million electronic books.

In the 2015–2016 academic year, the Libraries saw nearly 17 million total uses.

The second floor was occupied by graduate student and faculty seminar and research rooms, while bookstacks with a maximum capacity for 150,000 volumes were housed in the basement.

Gulledge left in the spring of 1926 to take up a position at Louisiana State University, and the position of librarian was eliminated.

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Comprising 1,500 volumes by 1890, it reflected Hill's scholarly and literary interests instead of a purely scientific and engineering focus; indeed, the library was considered to be part of the Department of English.

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