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She boosted her height with a pair of shiny silver exposed zipper boots which gave her enough comfort to perform up a storm on stage.

The Roar songstress wore matching latex gloves to match and accessorized with white rimmed shades.

She and DJ Chuey wound up feeding each other mouthfuls for the cameras - 'It's like a wedding!

' Katy quipped - before her revulsion became clear on her face.

Sources tell the site, that Katy is also 'very interested' and 'is open to scheduling potential tour dates around the show's taping schedule'.She teamed the look with a pair of racy thigh-high suede boots, which allowed her to sexily strut out of the restaurant.Meanwhile, Katy was her usual sex-kitten self as she took to the stage in a revealing ensemble for the annual radio station bash in Los Angeles on Saturday.Katy Perry is reportedly set to become the new American Idol anchor judge and negotiations to secure her fee have almost been completed.According to TMZ, the announcement is expected to be made on Tuesday after a planned deal with Kelly Clarkson fell flat and she joined The Voice.

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Though the DJ trumpeted the moment as his 'career highlight,' Katy grimaced before vamping: 'This is disgusting,' to laughs from Chelsea and Chuey.