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The next day I started reading again, this time I decided to just let myself go into the fantasy and before I knew it was I was rubbing my pussy and aching for some cock.

Beth slowly pulled my boxers down over my cock as it sprung out and pointed straight towards my head as it lay on my stomach. I was always up for anything she wanted, it's just that in the 10 years of marriage she has never really spoke up and wanted anything daring or risqué. But you have to promise me that you won't be mad." She said as I felt a rope being tied to my left wrist.I have something to tell you and I want you to listen and do not speak for the next few minutes. "Over the past two weeks I have done quite a bit while you were away at work, a lot of research into some of the fantasies that you spoke of last month.I have to admit that those fantasies were quite extreme on some levels.There I was completely naked on a hotel bed and blindfolded, life couldn't be better. Or did you forget that I'm the pervert in this relationship? "I would never be mad at anything you do sexually honey. I am up for anything you have planned in that sexy little head of yours." I said trying to make sure she didn't chicken out of whatever she had planned."I have a surprise for you tonight, if you are game? Once I felt my left wrist secured to the bed, I left her cross over my body, her body gently gliding over my rock hard cock as it strained to feel pleasure.

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Slowly out of the bathroom walked my wife, stunningly strutting across the room in a completely sexy lingerie outfit. "Now we can get down to business" she said as she reached over my body and under the pillow.

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