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However, clergy members and religious institutions are free to refuse or decline performing marriage rituals and rites on anybody they want.

This is where same sex couples might be denied the permit to marry by some churches or faiths although a huge number of churches officiate same sex church or faith based marriages.

The United States doesn't have any federal law that seeks to address such discrimination on housing that exists against same sex couples.

However, about 22 states including lots of cities and localities have laws enacted that prohibit this form of discrimination.

It's however worth noting that not all unequal treatment amounts to discrimination in marriage among same sex couples or illegal as indicated below.California was the first to offer same-sex couples conjugal rights in 2005 but only if the domestic partnership or same-sex marriage was complete before the incarceration.New York completely allowed the visits to go state wide by 2011 while Mississippi and New Mexico banned the right across the board.They argue that donations from everyone are tested rigorously in the process ruling out infected donors with Hepatitis C, Hepatitis B, HIV and other complications.The Food and Drugs Administration continues to hold that MSM seeking to donate tissues and blood have to wait for one year after their last sexual intercourse to donate due to scientific evidence they claim to have.

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On the other hand, if an employer refuses to offer same sex couples the same kind of employment benefits as other different sex couples or individuals or simply refusal to accept or recognize same sex validity it’s construed as a form of discrimination.

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