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The size and class of the output depends on the format of the image. Grayscale and black-and-white images are of size Mx N.Multipage images will have an additional 4th dimension.Can be one of the following: "none" (default), "bzip", "fax3", "fax4", "jpeg", "lzw", "rle", or "deflate".Note that not all compression types are available for all image formats in which it defaults to your Magick library.A value of Inf means an infinite loop (default), a value of 0 or 1 that the sequence is played only once (loops zero times), while a value of 2 or above loops that number of times (looping twice means it plays the complete sequence 3 times).This option is ignored when there is only a single image at the end of writing the file. This means a vast number of image formats is supported but considering the large amount of image formats in science and its commonly closed nature, it is impossible to have a library capable of reading them all.For formats that accept animations (such as GIF), controls what happens to a frame before drawing the next one.Its value can be one of the following strings: "do Not Specify" (default); "leave In Place"; "restore BG"; and "restore Previous", or a cell array of those string with length equal to the number of frames in For formats that accept animations (such as GIF), controls how many times the sequence is repeated.

Saiba mais sobre imagens na Internet e sobre as suas próprias fotografias. Encontrou uma imagem na Internet que lhe desperta a curiosidade?

Com uma montagem, aquelas fotos das férias da família ou de uma festa de aniversário ganham um toque especial.

O editor do Canva tem mais de 100 layouts para você criar imagens incríveis em poucos minutos.

Because of this, the function keeps a configurable list of available formats, their extensions, and what functions should the image IO functions use.

This allows one to expand Octave’s image IO capabilities by creating functions aimed at acting on specific file formats.

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The bit depth of the image determines the class of the output: can be used to obtain the colormap of each image.

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