Christain view of dating

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Christain view of dating

The perspective used in this pamphlet for finding the answers to these questions will be, unashamedly, the Bible.

To be faithful to God's Word, the Christian and the church must give due attention to this subject.

You may not date a person who may not be a lifelong mate. Why go with someone whom you know you should and could never marry? Let me say first that it is wrong to date in order to satisfy one's ego, or to fulfill one's sexual desires.

On the other hand, you may date anyone who is one with you "in the Lord" (I Cor. It may be big stuff for a guy to land a date with the school's most popular girl, but dating is not a game to play in jockeying for position on the social ladder.

For a serious-minded Christian, there must be higher motivation in deciding whom to ask.

Girls, on the other hand, may be more likely to romanticize dating.

And it will spare you from having a standard set for you by a mere human, a standard which might change tomorrow. And this is a rule which applies not only to Sundays, but also to Friday and Saturday nights!

This includes relationships with boyfriends or girlfriends.Generally these conflicting signals reflect some of the confusion which they experience within themselves as they deal with and try to understand their own emotions.(And sometimes they may even purposely send out the signal which is most likely to confuse their parents.) Parents want to respond to both signals.I would define dating as the middle stage in the process of finding a suitable mate.Dating comes between being friends and getting engaged.

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The most loving thing that I can do for you is to make clear what the Bible says you may, should, and must do and what it forbids you to do.

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