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Consolidating school

There are several reasons for this: empirical studies of consolidation employ different analytical approaches to data; older data in some studies yield results that may not be representative of current district conditions; studies do not uniformly separate costs related to merging only a narrow range of district services from costs related to merging entire districts or combining schools; different studies focus on different costs or estimate costs in different ways; and much of the literature consists of advocacy.However, while the literature on consolidation may not provide a direct road map for making decisions, it does provide a useful overview of issues, together with estimates of cost savings and cautions for those going forward with consolidation.__________ SC legislators say it’s time for the court to back off on poor schools. To fix SC schools, start with governance SC has come far on school district consolidation, just not far enough Legislators’ first response to SC Supreme Court order should be consolidating school districts __________ Consolidating school districts is the one specific solution the state Supreme Court suggested when it ruled in 2014 that the state wasn’t meeting its constitutional obligation to provide a decent education to children in the poorest districts.

Why indeed, unless people are afraid of losing their jobs, or their control?

Wouldn’t we acknowledge that we’ll have to pay good teachers more to teach in rural areas — rather than paying them more to teach in the most desirable areas, as we do now?

Wouldn’t we acknowledge that kids who can’t even identify colors when they come to pre-K will need more help than those who know their ABCs?

The districts also argue that recent consolidations have not saved money.

And yes, it’s true that you can focus on protecting jobs rather than saving money. It might be true too that districts would need to equalize course offerings and salaries at the highest level as part of a merger.

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A frequent question to the Reference Desk, and one currently receiving increased national attention due to budget challenges, is whether consolidating school districts might result in lower overall costs for education.