Cvs and updating to head

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Cvs and updating to head

Git is built on a few simple and very powerful ideas.Knowing them helps to understand more easily how git works.EGit will ask you for this information when you create your first commit.By default, this dialog is shown only once until you create a new workspace or tick the checkbox "Show initial configuration dialog" on the Git Preference page: You can also untick "Don't show this dialog again" if you want to see it again later.

Remote tracking branches are created automatically when cloning and fetching from remote repositories.

If you're new to Git or distributed version control systems generally, then you might want to read Git for Eclipse Users first.

More background and details can be found in the on-line book Pro Git.

The working directory is the directory used to modify files for the next commit.

By default it is located one level above the directory.

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You will have to restart Eclipse for it to recognize the HOME value.

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