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Let’s start by considering some activities you could both indulge in whilst getting to know each other.

Guernsey offers pretty much every type of activity you could ever think of and some great ideas here include bowling, sailing and yachting, golf, go-karting and if you fancy trying your hand at something completely different together, how about archery or even some flying lessons.

This will definitely be the most important part of the new relationship – so you want to make sure you get everything just right.

Below you will find a good number of suggestions for you both that will go some way to answer the question, '?

The Library also holds a significant collection of dictionaries and studies of Norman-French patois and other historical French dialects.

The Priaulx Library is committed to collecting, cataloguing and preserving the islands’ history and culture.

In Guernésiais, people from Torteval were nicknamed "ânes à pid dé ch'fa", or "donkeys with horse's hooves".In the centre of the parish is a church designed by John Wilson and built in 1818, with the oldest bell in the Channel Islands, dating from 1432.The church is built on the site of an earlier church, consecrated on 4 November 1140, that had fallen into disrepair.' Whilst Guernsey may not be a very large island, it is certainly jam-packed full of potential venues for a first date.Be this a cosy and intimate restaurant or even a fun day’s activity somewhere, you really are spoilt for choice.

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The detached peninsula to the west is named Pleinmont-Torteval.

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