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, the mounting tension between the two reached its peak as Kourtney, 38, went public with boyfriend Younes Bendjima in Cannes, France — pushing Disick, 34, to do whatever he could to seek revenge.

“We just went through all that s— in Santa Barbara, and all of a sudden Scott is going to Cannes?

It’s super suspicious.” Kourtney informed her that she and Disick had gotten into a “full war” over the trip.

“He doesn’t care how he embarrasses you, going out on the town with Bella and all of those other people,” Khloé said.

“I just can’t believe he would stoop this low and speak to her like this,” Khloé said.

“At the end of the day, she’s the mother of his children. It’s just so childish.” RELATED VIDEO: Bella Thorne Reveals Details from Her Time in Cannes with Scott Disick — His Partying Was ‘Way Too Much for Me’ After several attempts to reach Disick, the sisters acknowledged that he was purposely ignoring them. During a confessional, he claimed Kourtney was being “a drop condescending” about the trip. “If you’re going to be in Cannes with another guy, like, have fun.

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“She was single, you were single, and you just love to have a partner in crime to go out with,” Kim told Kourtney. That’s like, a convo she should have with me.” Khloé advised her sister to have a conversation with Shepherd, and the two women finally sat down. I’m uncomfortable, she’s uncomfortable, I just don’t know what to say …

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