Fijian dating

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Fijian dating

This can put a lot of pressure on Fijian men to rise to the occasion.

They are expected to take responsibility for any problems or disputes that arise in a family and may carry the blame if a resolution isn’t reached.

Some Indo-Fijian women also carry particular social expectations within their communities as subordinates to their husbands. Some may have a high rank in their village or community, in which case they are deferred to for their wisdom and status.However, in the urban areas and cities of Fiji, nuclear families are the typical household unit.They are also more common among Indo-Fijians and European Fijians.The institution of marriage is recognised primarily as the merging of two families.Thus, parents used to arrange the marriages of their children to ensure the families were compatible.

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Both indigenous Fijian and Indo-Fijian societies have been traditionally patriarchal with gender roles generally divided across traditional lines.

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