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Icq camgroup

Some food that transported you back to Ndiowu for a moment while you sat in that restaurant where everyone pretended to be African and the heaters tried vainly to assuage the cold. While you ate, Mary sat quietly, all the while watching your gestures. In fact, Olisa had promised to get you a job as a lecturer in the Federal College of Education where their mum whom you feared, was provost. The driver gently leads a blind young man in dark shades to the bus. You check for your debit cards and remember that you left them in your hand luggage at home. ***The End*** Biography: Echezonachukwu Nduka is an Academic, fiction writer, poet, columnist, and pianist.

The promise was made under one condition—that you do not break his sister’s heart. He pleads with the young man already seated in the front seat to vacate the seat for the blind man. His works of fiction have been published in Ake Review, The Kalahari Review, Tuck Magazine, Nigerians Talk Lit Mag, ZODML Blog, and elsewhere.

The previous night, you had consumed two full jugs of palm-wine and a plate of The text suddenly clears your hangover as you rub your eyes to read again and again. From Ndiowu to Owerri would take about an hour and a half, and it’s almost am. You get mad at yourself, fighting the urge to hush the girl and tell whoever cares to listen that the airport in Enugu is temporarily shut down and undergoing renovation, to tell the fat woman to stop eating and console the boy, and even tell Chinenye that you are not interested in having any conversations. Your mind is taking possible questions about your prospective job at the provost’s office in Owerri, but your body is trapped in the bus. He recounts how God is using him as a clean vessel to lift burdens of sin and sorrows off the shoulders of all believers.

This means that you must get prepared and leave for Owerri immediately. He testifies that he is a living miracle that God has called and uses as an instrument of blessing. He begins to pray very loudly and passengers rain responses of “Amen” intermittently. “Turn to your neighbor and say, neighbor, you are blessed! The bus is becoming rowdy with too many you are blessed declarations from several passengers.

Frustrations come in different shapes and sizes, but yours seem to fit into no shape or size.

First, the rude reality of your change of environment dawned on you the day your British Airways flight landed at the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport in Abuja.

He introduced you to Sammy, his mother’s secretary with whom you exchanged Facebook chats and Skype calls while you were still in London. After a few seconds of arguments, he succumbs and joins the passengers in the fourth row. He is an alumnus of the University of Nigeria and Kingston University London, UK.

While your father’s friends were still drinking, chatting away and laughing loudly in the living room, you took her right arm and quietly led her to your bedroom where you both had lost your virginity. One of the policemen walks round your bus, inspecting your faces as if he is looking for a crime suspect. From the back row, a middle aged man shouts The woman appears unperturbed. You bring out your android, and as you unlock it to show him the sms, he stops you. *** A motorcycle taxi drops you off right inside the TRACAS motor park. Chinenye turns to look at you, but you don’t say anything to her. You jump down and hand the rider a crisp two hundred naira note and he zooms off, leaving a cloud of dust behind him. You check your wrist watch again and the time is am. He is talking about how King Solomon received wisdom from God for killing a thousand cows as a sacrifice. That same evening, Olisa, your childhood friend had taken you to a corner of the living room to ask how many white girls you had kissed because your lips couldn’t have turned red just like that.You laughed hard and told him you never kissed anyone.

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Although you had promised yourself to be faithful in the midst of ravishing and tempting Caucasian girls who were more willing to accept your romantic proposal even before you asked, London’s winter gave you a reason to succumb.

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