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Absent such evidence, they are of no evidentiary value and are inadmissible.” In light of the changing jurisprudence regarding opinion evidence, the best practice is to comply with the rules of evidence by serving the Expert Report, Notice to Admit, Acknowledgment of Expert Report and CV – all in accordance with the timelines set out in the Rules.

The doctors that testified stated unequivocally that a child with this disease, if left untreated, would die.

35(1), because of one simple fact: when Europeans arrived in North America, aboriginal peoples were already here, living in communities on the land, and participating in distinctive cultures, as they had done for centuries.

Although there is often a lack of expert evidence that can help guide a judge’s ruling on a case, the rules of evidence do not permit judges to rely on internet articles.

A series of 30 public information events will be held in Cumbria and Lancashire to share information for the first time on the technologies which could be used to make the new connections and exactly where in the landscape they could be built.“When we start consultation, we will show people exactly where in the landscape our pylons, underground cables and substations could sit.” People are being urged to have their say on the latest proposals.

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The claimant must demonstrate that the practice, custom or tradition was a central and significant part of the society’s distinctive culture.

He or she must demonstrate, in other words, that the practice, custom or tradition was one of the things which made the culture of the society distinctive – that it was one of the things that truly made the society what it was.” After extensive oral testimony and lengthy argument from counsel, Justice Edward ruled: “It is this court’s conclusion, therefore, that D.


If you've just moved to the county, know that you will never meet a warmer bunch, or live among better scenery.