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Tourist Information The Gulgong Visitors' Centre is located at 109 Herbert St. There are four very small rooms clustered around a narrow hallway. display, mining equipment, horsedrawn vehicles, an old schoolhouse, as well as Aboriginal and geological artefacts and displays.

The Museum of Sight and Sound is devoted to the history of Australian cinematography and sound recording.

Copies of some of the images are situated in the museum.

Some Heritage Buildings About 130 of the town's buildings are registered with the National Trust. In Bayly St there are the Roman Catholic Church, the convent school and the presbytery, as well as St Luke's Anglican Church (1874-76).

During that time he hosted a luncheon for English novelist Anthony Trollope who visited the town and recorded his impressions in Australia and New Zealand (1875).

Browne drew on his experiences at the goldfields in his novel The Miner's Right (1890).

Some of Merlin's photographs provided the basis of the images on the rear side of the old note.

Mayne St has the Greatest Wonders of the World, the Fancy Goods Emporium, the Ten Dollar Town Motel (originally the Royal Hotel) and the American Tobacco Warehouse.

The latter was one element of the montage on the old Australian note.

In 'Water Them Geraniums' post-goldrush Gulgong is described as 'a wretched remnant of a town on an abandoned goldfield'. Pamphlets can be obtained here outlining The Gulgong Town Trail which takes in the town's heritage sites.

In 'Brighten's Sister-in-Law' it is 'dreary and dismal'. Gulgong Pioneers' Museum The Gulgong Pioneers Museum at 73 Herbert St (corner of Bayley St) is located in the Old Times Bakery (1872-73) which was featured on the old Australian note. This popular and well-awarded country museum focuses on social and industrial history.

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On a less salubrious note, 73-year-old Alexander Mc Kay became one of the victims in the murderous rampage of Jimmy and Joe Governor (see entry on Gilgandra) when, in 1900, he was bludgeoned with a tomahawk near Ulan, 25 km north-east of Gulgong. The ovens and baking equipment remain on-site and unaltered. The domestic artefacts have been arranged thematically into an 1870s dining room, a bedroom and parlour c.1880, an 1872 kitchen and an 1872 bakehouse.

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