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No credit card no charge local sex

While Kennedy largely blamed Lundberg for the spending, the FBI filing said he admitted using the company credit card to pay for travel and rent for a hotel where he was living when Nemera uncovered the fraud.He also acknowledged to the FBI that he bought gift cards with the credit card to pay for day-to-day expenses after Lundberg allegedly maxed out his personal credit cards, authorities said.Kennedy first gave Lundberg access to a company credit card in November 2015 after she asked for help buying Christmas gifts for her daughters, an FBI affidavit alleged.

(Gregory Pratt)"A family with somebody (who) before they became a couple he was paying hourly, that's ridiculous," Carlos said.

Among the credit charges allegedly run up mostly by Lundberg were plastic surgery during a stay in Miami; two Rolex watches at a cost of a combined ,000; a personal driver for her daughters at a cost of ,000 a month; a ,500-a-month maid; two purebred dogs that cost as much as ,000; and trips to Bali, France, Costa Rica, Hawaii, Santorini, Bora Bora and Fiji.

Rent on the mansion was ,000 a month, the court filing said.

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But the FBI document also notes Lundberg's bankruptcy filing in 2009 when she reported only about $100 in a checking account and income of about $200 a month.