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The series of means and ends either stretches out indefinitely, or it must terminate in some desired object or objects which are ends in themselves.

Again we sometimes call a thing good because it possesses completely, or in a high degree, the perfections proper to its nature, as a good painting, good respiration.

The objective idea is not indwelling in the essences of those things which fall within the scope of our corresponding universal concept, but the thing borrows or derives something from the idea.

In order to fix its philosophical significance we may begin by observing that the word is employed firstly as an adjective and secondly as a substantive.

That is to say, it is good because it is an efficient means to obtain a desired result.

The result, in turn, may be desired for itself, or it may be sought as a means to some ulterior end.

The Supreme Good imparts to the intellect the power to perceive, and gives intelligibility to the intelligible. God, the essential and supreme Good, can impart nothing that is not good.

This view leads to the inference that the origin of evil lies beyond the control of God.

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The latter is conceived as possessing some character, quality, power, which renders it an object of desire.