Postcard dating uk

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Postcard dating uk

Aegina Alonissos Agistri Andros Corfu Crete Halkidiki Hydra Ikaria Ios Ithaca Kalymnos Kefalonia Kos Lefkas Leros Lesvos Lipsi Meganissi Mykonos Naxos Paros Patmos Paxos Rhodes Samos Santorini Skiathos Skopelos Skyros Symi Thassos Zante The island capital of Chora lies on the east side of the narrow waist that divides the island of Skyros, north and south.

Visitors arriving from the port of Linaria through a rash of charmless mini-markets and a rag-bag of cement block buildings to an attractive hillside town where with whitewashed cube houses stack their way up to the summit in a fiendish maze of narrow streets.

It is all crowned by the Kastro, a Byzantine fortress with Venetian trimmings built over an ancient acropolis.

The main street of Chora is a narrow strip of tourist shops, travel agents, cafes and tavernas that eventually opens out into a square overlooking Molos beach and the sea.

Skyros' isolation has helped it preserve its distinctive Greek character and customs - foreigners, for example, are banned from owning houses here.

Tourist beds also number only around 1,000 and the resolutely traditional Skyros islanders seem intent on having no more, although visitors who make the effort to mix are very warmly welcomed.

His grave is one of the island's main tourist attractions.

The heavily indented coastline of Skyros is peppered with sand and pebble beaches, secluded coves, rocky inlets and sea caves.

The landscape is green and densely wooded in the north; much more dry, rocky and barren in the south.

The road south beyond Magazia leads to Papa Ta Chomata beach, sometimes referred to as Papa Ta Houma.

The name translates roughly as 'land of the priest' but visitors may find little of the cloth here as this is the island's unofficial nudist beach.

A tomb in the southern half of Skyros island is renowned as that 'corner of a foreign field that is forever England'.

It is where the verse's author, the poet Rupert Brooke, was buried in 1915, brought ashore from a passing ship.

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Further north, past the harbour and around the headland, is Grysmata beach, sheltered by a strip of offshore rock and which has a few tavernas and some accommodation, although there are no facilities here.