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The pair have managed to still praise each other post-breakup, with Bambi saying they’re “still friends,” and Scrappy showing her lots of “love.” Furthermore, the two were photographed together this past weekend hanging out at Six Flags with Scrappy’s daughter Emani and another pal!

Scrappy and Bambi are officially done, according to a sweet and loving post on Scrappy’s Instagram page.

In a recent interview with VLAD TV, Scrappy, who insists he and his baby mama and Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta co-star Erica Dixon are done, revealed that Bambi came to visit him a few times during his 30-day rehab stint for marijuana addiction in June, but the more blatant clues of the duo's romance can be found on their Instagram pages.

As far back as last September when Scrappy was suppose to be engaged to Erica, a picture of him canoodling with Bambi popped up on IG, and it immediately got people talking.

Anywho, Bambi nor Scrappy have confirmed or denied the news.

When Kirk Frost's onetime Love & Hip-Hop: Atlanta sidepiece Mary Jane put her former "friend" Bambi on blast for allegedly hooking up with Lil Scrappy, most of us wrote it off as another angry bird running off at the mouth, but now it appears there's truth to MJ's squawking.

The pair have been dating for over three years and if you’ve followed their love story on the hit VH1 show, you’ve witnessed the ups and downs in their relationship.

We hear that when Scrappy popped the question, VH1 cameras were rolling and producers want to include this special moment on the current season of the show.

In a now-deleted post to her Instagram, The Bam’s bestie Tammy Rivera posted a picture of what looks like it could be Bambi’s hand showing off a massive rock.You can tell when she wanted to show she was back on her feet the momet started posting pictures of her, her friends, and one “Ima be quiet after I say this tho…Lort knows that @reallilscrappy has been an amazing boo and friend in every way and he ain’t none of those things y’all say he is …A couple of weeks ago, she sent me a direct message on Twitter with a link to the latest excerpt from the book, which details the aftermath of the shooting at Michael's ill-fated 30th birthday party in 2010.According to reports, Quanis Phillips, one of the co-defendants in the infamous dog fighting case that put Michael behind bars for 17 months, was the victim in the shooting — and he was shot after a confrontation with Michael that started when he was asked to leave the party by the football great and his brother, Marcus Vick.

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