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And this is why it is encouraged to reassess our actions to make beneficial use of our time.Do extra prayers, read the Quran, and ask for forgiveness so that we may attain paradise through ALLAH's mercy, Insha-ALLAH.While fasting, a person do not eat or drink between sunrise and sunset.And it is obligatory on all Muslims if they physically and mentally sound and fit.It is not only abstinence from food and drink but, this holy month is also a test of patience in refraining from evil actions, evil thoughts, and bad words.Ramadan is a test to demonstrate submission to ALLAH (Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala), the only God.

Including night, Muslims perform extra prayers in addition to the five daily prescribed prayers.

This year, 1st Ramadan in 2018 will begin from Thursday, May 17.

As crescent moon can be seen on the evening of 15th May easily by naked eyes or optical aid in some parts of the world.

"It is very humble request, Please recite First Kalma and Durood Sharif, at least once.

And kindly it would be your biggest favor to remember us (the man power behind this website) in your prayers and ask forgiveness from ALLAH. Ameen summa ameen." Ramadan is the ninth holy month of the Islamic calendar.

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This month of mercy is divided into three parts, more generally referred to as “Ashrah”.

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