Sharia muslim dating websites

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Sharia muslim dating websites

Her death came as police forces dispersed the participants with shotguns. Although various conspiracy theories seeking to divert blame from the true source have arisen and continue to multiply, eye witness testimony, as well as video documentation, leave little doubt that al-Sabbagh was slain by police forces operating under a mode of conduct encouraged by the Ministry of Interior.Ibrahim Mahlab, the current prime minister, has claimed that an objective investigation will be carried out.The dropping of charges against Mubarak, a well as the dashing of whatever hopes were once vested in this new phase of political transition, has inflicted damage and discredit on the reputations of pro-Sisi and pro-Mubarak forces throughout the Maghreb and the Middle East.Forces deemed to be Egyptian proxies have suffered from what regional publics increasingly perceive as these entities’ anti-democratic, pro-Mubarak political viewpoints.

Additionally, the number of political prisoners and detainees have been increasing at a rapid pace since July 3, 2013.

It is important to recall that unacceptably low standards of living, suppression of individual dignity by the ruling class, as well as police brutality, were all key reasons why Mubarak was swept away in a revolutionary tidal wave that drew attention from across the world.

The murder of Khaled Said by corrupt and deceptive police (who have since, of course, have not received adequate verdicts for their crimes), was a direct catalyst of the revolution.

Both of these countries were open supporters of the regime of Hosni Mubarak; the Saudi king was one of the only heads of state, along with Moammar Qaddafi, to condemn the January 25 revolution and subsequent ouster of Mubarak.

The positions of Saudi Arabia and the UAE existed in part due to their support for the concept of hereditary succession through the Middle East and the Maghreb.

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