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I have several Pogo books, including the big first collection: “Ten everlovin, blue-eyed years with Pogo” and an original printing of “The Jack Acid Society Black Book”.

Unfortunately, none of mine would have lasted in the library either.

Pogo is old — my 1951 edition is falling apart despite being a de facto family heirloom.

It wouldn’t have lasted 10 years in a public library.

At the height of the “bird-watching” frenzy set off by the arrival of the Mole, the Deacon and Mole bring in a new addition to their bird-watcher’s club, Simple J. This is what set off the frenzy of controversy in the newspapers of the era, though — perhaps figuring that he didn’t want to get too preachy — Kelly actually lessened the political content soon after Malarkey entered the strip.

Once Malarkey enters, he mostly does damage to the other bad guys, kicking the Deacon out of the club and forcibly making himself the President, and finally becoming involved in a battle to the death with the Mole.-style collections ready over a year ago, they have still not been able to release a single volume.(The problem initially was that while the daily strips are available, many of the Sunday strips haven’t been tracked down in book-quality versions.The storyline begins when the Deacon brings in a friend of his, Mole Mc Aroney, a nearsighted, shifty-looking fellow with no mouth.Mole is a parody of nativist politicians of the era, constantly talking about what is and isn’t a “real American” (“Wacca Pilatka was not a true American name, being mostly Seminole”), and has been brought in to act as a border guard, ridding the swamp of “migratory birds.” He immediately identifies the Owl as a migratory bird and tells him to leave the swamp, and then begins identifying everyone else as a bird and telling them to leave.

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The Deacon goes along with the Mole’s plan to drive Owl out of the swamp because he wants to take over Owl’s TV station (actually just a mirror with the glass removed, where everyone plays at being on TV).

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