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2013 saw Justin take his Christianity-themed tattoos to another level with a large verse design on his back taken from Psalm 15, which reads: "Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light on my path".

Early 2014 saw Justin add another music-themed tattoo to his collection with a simple symbol for treble clef inked onto the back of his neck.

The Canadian star showed off a bear's face underneath his right shoulder and a HUGE eagle beneath his 'Son Of God' emblazoned abs.

Just a week or so after unveiling both the eagle and the bear, JB revealed an Ed Sheeran-esque lion emblazoned across the top left of his cheat underneath his shoulder.

Luckily the star has been able to incorporate his longstanding king's crown tat within the design too!

Justin had the symbol for junior ice hockey team the Stratford Cullitons inked as a large tattoo on his back, all in honour of his grandfather - who used to take him to see the team play. One of Justin's biggest tattoos is the giant eagle he has inked onto his left shoulder.

Also on Justin's left arm, the singer had a tiger head tattooed back in spring 2013 - perhaps to represent his wild side, because we all know he has one!

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Have you ever wondered what all of Biebs’ tattoo designs ACTUALLY mean? Justin Bieber has a problem - the boy just CANNOT seem to stop getting tattoos!