Thermal illumination dating of pottery

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This paper examines the interplay between manufacturing parameters and material properties in archaeological ceramic cooking ware.

While previous studies on material properties have focused on the response of ceramic vessels to mechanical and thermal loads, emphasis is placed here on thermal properties and their influence on the suitability of a vessel to be used for different cooking methods.

from the Roman and Byzantine periods, appear to show a tendency to higher fired, finer pastes.

Thermal shock resistance describes a material's ability to withstand sudden changes in temperature and is popular in discussions which revolve around technological choices in manufacture and the performance of cooking ware (e.g., Tite & Kilikoglou 2002), but also of metallurgical ceramics (Martinón-Torres (West 1992: 138) concluded that the 'most effective means of improving thermal shock resistance is the addition of tempering material'.

It boasts a remarkable cooking vessel assemblage which is well-represented in successive Bronze Age phases.

The Bronze Age cooking ware at Akrotiri shows diachronic variation both in morphology and ceramic fabrics.

While these studies mainly attempted to assess the influence of surface treatment, i.e.

vessel shape and permeability, on heating rates, the thermal conductivity of a material plays a significant role in the heating efficiency of a ceramic and greatly influences the time required to heat up food (Hein Ceramic clay cooking pots come in many different fabrics: there are differences both in the amount and type of aplastic inclusions present in the clay matrix as well as in firing regimes. 2004), as is the cooking ware from the earlier Bronze Age periods at Akrotiri (Müller 2009).

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