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So we're treated to some wonderful courtroom stuff.albeit crawling round abstruse points of law and we re glued to the TV screen.She is an attractive (and tall) young woman with great taste in eyewear. taken-by=themichellewie Kevin , British cycling gold medallist is moderately myopic: , Hannah Russell a British Paralympic Swimmer (S12) who in 2011 was photographed wearing myodisc glasses.Some eyewear operation should sign her up as a model and spokesperson. Tony , As if proof was needed that girls with glasses are the best, Belgium's leading tennis GWG Kirsten Flipkens just beat Venus Williams in the first round of the Olympic Tennis while wearing her amazing Oakley glasses with a frame in the colours of the Belgian flag.Guess between the inevitability of presbyopia and the concussion----glasses are here to stay. had actually posted a pic of them pre-concussion as something he acquired during the off season as he is at the age around 40 where was having difficulty with small print.He mentioned that when he put the pic up Although I agree has been interesting to see him wearing the glasses more frequently. Nm9r ZDoksl WXTpf Mp Fe Cqs Skpq XMsr/Ut_HKth ATH4eww8X4x MDox Oj A4MTsi GN AXG1U/(maybe my links will not work, just google her name: Shamier Little) Melyssa , Being a bowler, I receive an email from the USBC each week with videos for allegedly improving one's game.One of the people involved is Carolyn Dorin-Ballard, age 51, who won many tournaments on the women's pro tour when there was one. v=g71t MIAc G6Q Looks like she is moderately nearsighted. Lv2c4i , In news clips of the USA soccer/football team being congratulated by the president for their world cup win, the coach was sporting some spex that were never seen on the sidelines.

I could be that slim if I was stretched out as tall as her. I actually prefer being curvy and a lot of people like me being curvy!Tej , Nadine Keler (german footballer) L-Wolfsburg-vs-SC-Freiburg-001 OYWu1r0p2awo1_500tracknut , A women 400m hurdler named Shamier Little, just won a silver medal at the Worlds in Benjing.She has quite a strong minus lenses, ad she is running in them as well.20, 1992 Birthplace: Moscow, RUS Resides: Moscow, RUS Saitova, Hannah Russell, the GB Paralympic swimmer was wearing her myodisc glasses today in pictures covering Team GB returning from Rio.She's obviously very myopic, in the -20 something range but I wonder if she has any other visual impairment.

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Pseldonymov , Cloptre Darleux with different frames: WS3cuwk/ , Clopatre Darleux with regular glasses: A3/x240-18 m13=-0.608941&m21=-0.000261585&m22=1.00469&m23=-0.97531&m11=1.00469&m12=0.000261585 kisal , Serena Williams wearing nice black specs at a recent event in Washington DC: , Eric Sogard of the Oakland Athletics.

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