Websites about sex education in high schools

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Websites about sex education in high schools

A common feature of private academic schools is the belief that all students are capable of pursuing university studies upon graduation -- a belief embedded in the school's culture.[Read More] "Alternative Schools" is a broad term that encompasses a number of school-types classified here, such as Montessori schools, Waldorf schools, special needs schools, and so on.

[Read More] Often conflated with Montessori schools (incorrectly), Waldorf schools focus on developing the "whole child" -- emphasizing collaborative, hands-on learning, along with the arts and music, which are integrated into all areas of study. Their intellectual forefather is Rudolf Steiner, who believed the educator's first task should be to help students develop an aesthetic appreciation for life and learning.

The method's goal is to develop children's innate desire to learn, while freeing up time for teachers to help children individually, as needed.

[Read More] Special needs schools are specifically tailored for students with any type of communicative, mental, physical, social or learning difficulty.

Lessons are highly decentralized: children typically work individually (though sometimes with others) on specialized "Montessori materials" -- without interference from the teacher.

The materials are self-correcting and teach the student something about the subject at hand.

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Critics argue the presence of boys broadens the intellectual and recreational environment and reflects the "real world" girls face upon graduation.