Who is charlie rose dating now

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With a minimum of fuss we place our orders: Rose chooses a simple Cobb salad; I opt for blackened cod and a side of spinach.

The food at Michael's is trendy and healthy; it does not feature many carbs.

And, while it is widely assumed that he holds liberal views, he refuses to back any party—or policy—in public. "I am registered as an independent." True to form, Rose orchestrates another twist in the conversation and asks how long I have been in New York. He grew up in a tiny country town in North Carolina, in a rural area heavily dependent on tobacco farming, where his parents ran a small shop.

At the grand old age of 69, he is certainly not the oldest television personality in America; it was only last year that the 77-year-old former CNN host Larry King announced his retirement.Nor—unlike most modern talk shows on American television—is there angry vitriol.Instead, the show is conducted on Rose's terms, as a genial debate; or, he prefers to say, a lengthy "conversational arc".There he grills a sequence of (mostly) powerful or fascinating people, on a set that is famously austere: a trademark oak table, with a simple black backdrop.Contrary to modern media convention, he never sends questions to his audience in advance.

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"My job [on these shows] is just to ask questions, so with Afghanistan you have to ask: 'Why are we [Americans] there?